You’ve book in for your special occasion hair up. Hairdressers are always asked ‘how do i prepare my hair before a hair up?’ Here are some top tips to make your style last all day.

When to wash?
When you’ve first washed your hair it can be soft and flyaway this is the worst time to have a hair up as the grips will slip from your hair much more easily meaning your hairstyle won’t last the full day. It’s best to wash your hair the day before your appointment as this will help reduce static from the hair and will give you much more volume and hold.

What product’s to use?
When drying your hair before hand you need to consider what hair up style you are wanting to achieve. If your wanting a lot of volume and big hair its best to use something like a mousse or blow dry spray. I would recommend Fudge Push It Up spray, only apply this to your roots and be careful not to overload the hair as this can make it look greasy. To create the most volume its best to use a ceramic round brush and pull hair upwards from the roots.

If your wanting something more sleek and smooth something like an oil is best to use as this will give your hair shine and make it look healthy. I would recommend Wella’s Reflections Oil only a pea size amount applied to the ends. I would use a paddle brush to smooth hair from roots to ends.

Its best not to use straighteners or tongs after blow drying as this is something your hair stylist will do when creating your hair up. Too much heated equipment can make your hair look dry and can damage.

With these tips you will have a beautiful hair up that will last all day. If you have a special occasion coming up feel free to book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our hair up specialists.