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Working From Home…?

Looking for a salon nearer to home than the office?

Our luxury hair and beauty services await you, enjoy exceptional customer service and a truly relaxing experience right on your doorstep…

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Testing Acne Covering Make up (with before & after pics) with Jane Iredale

We have tested a number of acne covering make up products from Jane Iredale. It’s no secret that my skin has been acting up recently… but I always try to look at the bright side of life. In this case…my bad skin makes me an ideal test case for acne-covering make-up! I conducted a “scientific experiment” taking before & after pictures of my skin using various acne-covering products – and noted down my thoughts on each. Hope this post may help anyone else out there struggling with the same issues.

Some thoughts before I start the comparison:

-I took before & after pictures each time because the lighting and extent of my acne varies day-to-day. These photos were taken over a couple of weeks as I don’t wear makeup everyday – and I don’t want to stress my skin out!
-I’m wearing this moisturizer under my make-up in all photos
-I prefer using a heavy coverage make-up that I can build up where I need, rather than a concealer + foundation. I find this leads to a more even look (as a separate concealer can sometimes highlight the areas you want to conceal – not good!)
-Your experience with these products may vary depending on the condition of your skin and your application technique
These pictures are not pretty…AT ALL, but they’re honest. It does get me down when my skin acts up and I can’t explain why. But I know this will pass…and I feel loved no matter how I look (but of course – I always want to look my best!)

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How do I prepare my hair for an up-do?

You’ve book in for your special occasion hair up. Hairdressers are always asked ‘how do i prepare my hair before a hair up?’ Here are some top tips to make your style last all day.

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